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A full service water distribution company that offers healthy solutions for people and the planet

Eden Springs UK is an environmentally responsible partner in the water industry and is committed to reducing CO2 emissions and overall impact on the environment in all business areas. A comprehensive environmental policy is an integral part of company policy.

2001 ESUK launched a number of practical initiatives to lower the company’s environmental impact
2001-2005 Reduction in number of routes saving use of 30 vehicles
Instituted use of hand-held devices eliminating paper admin
Introduced Walk About Cooler Experts in Central London to eliminate need for vehicles
Introduced WEEE levy and use of sate of the art cooler disposal
Introduced Intranet, emailing and electronic faxing and billing
Introduced Noise emissions tests as part of Health and Safety
2006 Formal review and audit of environmental practices
2007 Further strategy and development established as integral to future business planning
2008 Launch of new and exciting initiative in reducing overall CO2 consumption in the business as a whole.


We are all part of the global environmental community but our factories and distribution centres are also part of smaller regional centres and we are committed to reducing environmental impact in our local communities wherever we can.

We use effective energy management in all our factories and have achieved international standards in our facilities.

We reduce waste by recycling and reducing packaging. All batteries, toner, lighting, paper, plastics, cans and cardboard used in the facilities is kept to a minimum and recycled to reduce impact and contribute to the life cycle of the material.

Our Information Technology department uses effective energy management for all machines taking care to switch off and shut down when not in use. All materials are recycled where possible and disposed of according to industry and local standards.

Our water sourcing is regulated and we take care to make sure that the community around our facilities is not only assessed for quality and safety but for environmental impact as well. We continuously monitor and reduce water use in production.


Environment policy is a high priority for all ESUK staff. Environmental policies are an integral part of job descriptions and the staff induction programme. In 2008 it is a priority to increase the levels of awareness of environmental issues through communication and education for all employees. Increased use of the intranet enables employees to be informed and aware of all environmental initiatives and employees are encouraged to give input and suggestions for environmental programmes.


We work with suppliers to partner our shared reduction of emissions. We are currently conducting a thorough review of supplier practices in order to work together to reduce joint CO2 emissions.


ESUK is committed to reducing environmental impact as part of our customer commitment. Our poly carbon water containers are cleaned and re-used up to 70 times to reduce waste. All containers are then shredded and recycled to increase the life cycle.

ESUK vehicles are fitted with new EU vehicle specifications and we are looking at new and innovative vehicles and energy sources to reduce fossil fuel consumption.ESUK also pays special attention to distribution mileage and routing in order to conserve and reduce CO2 impact and we are undertaking a thorough review of these practices in 2008.

We have significantly reduced product wrapping and packaging and have increased the capacity of our trucks to carry more water with less fuel.

We have instituted electronic billing and faxing to save paper waste.

ESUK is increasing choice and flexibility in its product offering to specifically reduce CO2 impact.

In 2008 ESUK is working with Ecointesys, an environmental consultancy based in Lausanne, Switzerland and partnered with the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL). Ecointesys is conducting a Life Cycle Assessment of the ESUK product offerings for both home and office delivery (HOD) and BRITA plumbed in water coolers (coolers plumbed in directly to the mains--POU). This will assist us in looking at ways to help customers reduce CO2 impact through greater product choice and innovative solutions.

By gathering this information and using schemes like Save a Cup to promote recycling we can help to reduce CO2 footprint for our customers.



We join with the industry in examining our role in reducing environmental impact. The BCWA has adopted a 6 point plan and as an industry leader ESUK is an integral part of the planning, execution and evaluation. The BWCA plan provides for a base line evaluation, a 3 year plan and innovation for new technologies. They are supported by the Neutral Group.

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