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This guide will help you find the answers to the most common questions asked in search for a water cooler solution that is right for you. If you are already aware of what products you want, or if you'd prefer for one of our experts to find a solution based on your particular needs, then please call 0844 800 33 44 and quote to qualify for our current online promotion. This page provides a quick overview but if you want all the nitty gritty, then start here.

Coolers that use water delivered to your premises in bottles (bottled coolers) will usually work out as the cheaper option unless they are receiving high levels of usage. Coolers that filter and chill your mains water (Eden Plumbed-in Cooler equipped with BRITA) still deliver great tasting water and have a lower carbon footprint.

Coolers come with the option of a hot water tap, which makes them ideal for hot beverages.

Eden offers a range of coolers to meet different price points.  Primary considerations are the look, the reliability and the rate at which water is cooled.  Even Eden’s most basic model will meet most requirements.

Usually a simple decision made by the available space you have.

Make sure you know what you are getting.  Is it just purified tap water?  And learn what "mineral water" really means.

Rental packages offer the convenience of an all-inclusive service. On the other hand buying coolers can work out more cheaply - though servicing and repairs can be problematic unless this is specifically addressed by your package (as it would be with Eden).

Water coolers need looking after so you must ensure your package covers servicing, repairs and, most importantly, regular sanitisation to maintain hygiene.

In addition to your cooler and your water, we can provide cups, 500ml small pack, bottle racks and other optional extras.

To get a free quote or to discuss your particular requirements call 0844 800 33 44 and quote for our online promotion.

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