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Delivery Infrastructure

As the largest water cooler supplier in the UK, we also have the largest delivery infrastructure. We operate from 16 depots across the UK and currently have over 135 delivery trucks on the road, with over 1 million bottles in circulation at any time. The size of our delivery network ensures that your delivery service is completely reliable and that water is never far away.

Stock Management

Our delivery team takes complete responsibility for all your water usage estimations and stock management. Our fully trained Route Sales Managers create your delivery schedule and ensure the optimal level of stock is delivered to you on time.

Multi Site Locations

As the largest supplier of water coolers in the UK, we have vast experience dealing with high volume clients, servicing more high volume contracts than any other company. Our largest contract is for 3500 coolers spread over 150 locations across the UK. Eden supplies a reliable and well managed delivery service to multi-site locations across the UK. Your dedicated Route Sales Manager will co-ordinate your schedule and stock levels across all of your locations and ensure every cooler is well maintained and fully stocked.

Off-Shore Delivery

Eden offers product delivery to offshore or remote locations. These are sent by courier and therefore incurs a variable delivery charge, dependant on location. In such circumstances we would often recommend the possibility of using a Eden Plumbed-in Cooler equipped with BRITA solution as this would minimise or eliminate additional costs. Standard lead times may vary from the stated norm in these circumstances.

Pan-European Delivery

Because Eden is the largest water cooler supplier in Europe, operating from 13 countries across the EU, we are in the unique position to offer water cooler services European wide.

To get a free quote or discuss your particular requirements please call 0800 28 14 14 and quote for our online promotion.


If you are buying or renting a water cooler then we can deliver and install your cooler anywhere in the UK. We also supply a free scheduled service anywhere in the UK to replace or replenish your bottles. For a comprehensive list of all our local depots, and the contact details, click here.

Delivery Schedule

When you become an Eden customer, a delivery schedule will be created and tailored to your individual needs. The frequency of delivery can be set as monthly, fortnightly or weekly depending on your water usage and storage capacities. All empty bottles are collected for re-use on your scheduled delivery dates.

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