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Servicing, Cleaning & Repairs

Eden Cleaning Kits

Eden offers a self cleaning pack to hygienically clean the outside contact points of the water cooler between our scheduled sanitisation and maintenance visits. These are not a replacement for the recommended BWCA / EPWDA santisations, but are a great way to keep the cooler in perfect condition between visits.
Download our Sanitisation Kit (PDF) to see what's inside each pack.

To get a free quote or discuss your particular requirements call 0800 28 14 14 and quote for our online promotion.

Water Cooler Repairs

In the unlikely event that your water cooler requires repair, our technicians will attempt to repair it on site in the first instance. If the cooler cannot be repaired onsite you will be provided with a free replacement until the original cooler is returned. We aim to complete repairs or exchanges within 48 hours.


We offer a flexible sanitisation, maintenance and repair service to ensure your water cooler remains in perfect condition. We provide a free scheduled service to all our customers throughout the UK as part of your rental or purchase agreement.


A sanitisation of your bottled cooler is automatically scheduled and performed every quarter. In the case of Eden Plumbed-in Coolers equipped with BRITA we schedule a filter change every six months. Regardless of the type of cooler you use, our technicians will thoroughly clean the cooler, inside and out, to the exacting standards of the BWCA. Service visits are available Monday to Friday.

Service Team

We have a large number of technicians located throughout the UK who can respond to your cooler needs quickly and efficiently. Our technicians are subject to extensive inhouse training and undergo certified hygiene training by the BWCA and EPDWA. In addition, external cooler checks are made by our Route Sales Managers on every delivery and minor defects or issues will be dealt with immediately onsite.

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