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In addition to our support of other charities, we have partnered with Unicef in support of the ‘Gardo’ rural water project in Somalia. The objective of this project is to bring clean, disease free water to the people of this particular region of Somalia.

The resident population of Gardo is an estimated 5,100 families; approximately 36,000 people. The population varies in seasons and in years due to the influx of families from drought affected communities from the rural areas. It is estimated that as many as 1,000 destitute families live in the town’s outskirts in slum settlements near the major boreholes. These families depend on the assistance of UNICEF to provide them with as much as 10,000 litres of water free of charge on a daily basis. In the summer season, when it is very hot in the coastal areas, another 1,500 households shift to Gardo to benefit from its more moderate climate and the availability of livestock products. This puts additional pressure on the already limited water resources in the town.


To provide a clean, sustainable, potable water supply for all citizens, UNICEF works with the local representative of the state Agency for Water and Natural Resources to establish sufficient water infrastructures to eliminate human suffering and hazards caused by the scarcity of water.


With the financial support of Eden, UNICEF will be able to:


  1. Drill new boreholes in the locations that need it most to ensure that people and their livestock have regular access to clean drinking water.
  2. Expand their existing water supply system in Gardo via a 15km long water supply network with household connections and 4 public water kiosks.
  3. Ensure that adequate water storage facilities are in place and functional, including a 150cbm elevated storage tank and 3 smaller tanks.
  4. Provide training to both technical and administrative staff to improve their performance and skills.
  5. Establish a well-equipped workshop for the maintenance/repair of water equipment.


It's a natural extension of our mission in the UK - enabling good health and a high quality of life through the supply of clean water. Of course, their need is greater than ours, which is why we're making an even bigger financial commitment in 2008. We're also introducing new ways in which we can encourage awareness and support of this pressing need throughout every aspect of our business, including our staff, clients and customers. Although we can't solve all the world's problems, we can make a significant difference to this one region, so stay tuned for ways in which we can work together to bring water to the people that need it most.

If you would like to find out more about Unicef or support them privately then please visit

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0844 800 3344



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