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More About Bottled Water Coolers


Hot and Cold versions (as opposed to just cold) are available. While most people require cold water, the hot tap is ideal for making tea and coffee.


Bottled water coolers tend to be the economic choice for all but the highest demands. This is because they do not have pumps or extensive water filtering. Typically you need to get through more than a bottle of water a week per cooler before you will save with the more technically complex Eden Plumbed-in Cooler equipped with BRITA.

Bottled water coolers (sometimes known as bottle-fed water coolers) are the iconic coolers that made cooled drinking water part of daily office life. The great taste of mineral water, combined with the ease of installation and location (a simple case of plugging the cooler in wherever you want it) mean they remain a very popular choice today. If you'd like to know more about the differences between bottled and Eden Plumbed-in Coolers equipped with BRITA click here.

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Cooler design has become much more important in recent years and all of the models Eden supplies would be at home in even the most stylish office, boardroom or reception area.

Frequent Deliveries

With Eden, your water will be delivered regularly to ensure you never run out. Delivery is typically on a monthly or fortnightly basis but can be more frequent if required. You can request extra deliveries at any time.


Water is delivered to your premises in large refillable bottles (usually 18.5 litres) making it a much more environmentally friendly option than staff bringing in their own bottles. These bottles are thoroughly sanitised, re-used and recycled at the end of their life. None end up in landfill.

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