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In addition to the cooler itself, you may wish to add some of the following products to your cooler package. Existing Eden customers can order these products online by logging in.



Cups are avaiable in either 4 Oz Paper Cones or 7 Oz and 9 Oz Plastic Cups. Eden is a member of the Save-A-Cup Scheme, and for more details please visit
4 Oz Paper Cones are available in boxes of 5000.
7 Oz Plastic Cups are avaiable in boxes of 2000.
9 Oz Plastic Cups are available in boxes of 1000.

Big Cups

big cup

It is not always convenient to make frequent trips to your Eden Water Cooler.We understand this and have now developed the Eden Big Cup to help keep you fully hydrated with the mimimum of hassle. The Eden Big Cup is a plastic molded cup, which holds 500ml of Eden Water and is fully dishwashable. The Big Cups come in the newly re-branded Eden design- and there is even a place to put your name! Eden Big Cup are available in sleeves of 10, which are excellent value at only £2.99 per sleeve.

Bottle Racks

bottle rack

To help with all your storage needs, Eden now provides a stylish bottle rack for placing up to a maximum of four Eden 18.5 litres Bottles. The Eden Bottle Rack is priced at £40.

Bottled Water

500ml bottles

The new 500ml Small Pack bottle from Eden helps you to enjoy the great taste of Eden Water, wherever you are. Eden Small Pack is available in cases of 24 bottles and is conveniently delivered by your local Route Sales Manager with your normal water delivery. Excellent value at just £6.99 per case or under 30 pence per bottle!

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