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5. Tap or Mineral Water

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If you decide to have a bottled water cooler, then you will need to decide what type of water you want.

The Good, The Bad and the Inherently Sensible

So called "Mineral" and "Spring" water sets the standard in water quality, and most people assume that all water cooler suppliers provide either mineral water (from an underground source) or spring water (from a surface source). Some suppliers only supply purified tap water (not Eden!). Whilst the water quality may be perfectly acceptable, is that really what you want to have in a water cooler?

Whilst you will probably wish to avoid the purified tap water, you may be surprised to learn that mineral or spring water is not necessarily the best choice. The reason for this requires some explanation of how mineral and spring water is defined. According to law, in order to be classified as mineral or spring water, the water must come from a single, specified source. This, of course, can cause logistical problems for any company with a national distribution network - and those logistical problems can be passed on to you in the form of higher prices, longer delivery times and a higher carbon footprint.

At Eden we choose to use three separate sources for your water and thus we are able to pass on considerable savings as well as supply you with an extremely high quality local water source. We are, however, unable to label our water as "mineral" water as a result. But rest assured, our water quality is every bit as good as those companies that do supply mineral water. All of our wells have the potential to individually qualify as mineral sources and all are tested rigorously and regularly to make sure they reach the stringent standards imposed by law.

To learn more about Eden's water sources please read about our water.

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