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Buying or renting a cooler is not dissimilar to buying or renting a property. In the long run you expect that buying would be a bit cheaper, but if you rent you don’t need to worry when the boiler (or cooler) packs in, or any of the other administrative hassles that go along with maintenance - someone else will take care of that for you. With any purchase where there is the opportunity to buy or rent, you need to consider initial costs and ongoing costs before making your decision. Water coolers are no different.

If you are considering renting then you have another decision to make - whether to sign up for a fixed or pay-as-you-go water supply. While the terminology may differ, fixed supply provides you with a fixed number of bottles each month at a total set price, while pay-as-you-go supply means you pay for each additional bottle you require. The fixed supply offers you the benefit of a fixed cost each month making it easier to budget, but may cost more if you don't use all the water you're entitled to.

Some suppliers simply sell water coolers and then encourage you to get water from a third party if you need it. No consideration is given to servicing and repairs so you risk finding yourself with a large bill, not to mention the time consuming job of trying to find someone to fix the cooler for you should it break. Rental contracts on the other hand typically (and in Eden's case definitely) include servicing and repairs. Regardless of whether you choose to buy or rent, Eden always includes cooler delivery and installation. With experience of looking after more customers than any other company we have seen the benefits our customers receive from having a single supplier who is able to cover all their water needs.

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