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3. Budget or Premium Guide

Buying Guide Steps

Once you have decided what type of cooler you want (bottled or BRITA plumbed-in), you need to choose a model. As a general rule you pay more for looks, cooling power and build quality. At Eden you have the choice of standard, mid range or premium models. Due to our UK and international purchasing power (we buy more coolers than any other UK company) you can be assured that you are getting great value for money with any of our coolers.

Cooling Power

More expensive models will typically be able to chill water to a lower temperature (and heat to higher temperatures in the case of hot and cold models). In the UK this is only really significant if your cooler is going to be located in a warmer than average environment, in which case we would recommend a premium model. If your cooler is going to be getting a lot of use (e.g. if it’s in a canteen), then you should also consider the rate of water cooling (usually reported in litres per hour). Our standard and mid-range models have an excellent cooling rate.

Cooler Design

Our premium range is designed for style and is ideally suited to customer facing areas such as reception. If looks are less important to you, then choosing an option with less expensive finishes will keep your costs down.

Build Quality

As service and repairs are all part of the Eden customer service, you can be assured that it is in our interest to give you a well built cooler that is going to give many years of reliable service. There are “cheaper” models available elsewhere, but the lifetime cost of these are usually much higher.
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