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1. Bottled or Eden Plumbed-in Cooler equipped with BRITA®

Buying Guide Steps

Which Cooler is right for you?

You will, no doubt, be familiar with the “traditional” water coolers with the blue coloured water bottle on top. These are referred to as "bottle-fed" or simply "bottled" water coolers. You may be less aware that it is possible to get coolers that source their water from your mains supply instead of bottles. In addition to cooling your water, they also filter it - providing great tasting water. This type of cooler is usually described as “plumbed-in” or “mains-fed” water coolers. Within the industry they are sometimes referred to as POU coolers (point of use). Both types of cooler are suitable for most environments including offices, schools and universities.

Quick Comparison

Bottled Coolers Eden Plumbed-in Coolers equipped with BRITA
Cost of Cooler Lower Higher
Cost of Water Cost per bottle Free*
Installation Incredibly easy Easy
Location Anywhere** Within 15 metres of plumbing
Piping None Easily Hidden
Water Delivery Easy to manage Automatic
Environmental impact Low Lower
Water Quality Excellent Good
Designer Coolers Available Yes Yes
Sanitisation Required Yes Yes
Servicing Required Yes (Simpler) Yes

* You will, of course, need to continue to pay for your mains water
** You just need an electricity supply and a square foot of flat surface

If your decision comes down to cost, then your choice will depend on the amount of water you get through. It’s a bit like petrol and diesel engines – in general you need to be doing a pretty high mileage (a lot of drinking) before you will pay off the extra cost of a Eden Plumbed-in Cooler equipped with BRITA.

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