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When buying or renting a water cooler it's wise to find out what additional bits and pieces are included in your package. In some cases you may not need any extras at all so we recommend you do your research before signing up for any costly extras.

Most suppliers will include an initial supply of plastic cups (please ensure that they are recyclable). If you have a bottled water cooler then new cups will usually be delivered with your water. With BRITA plumbed-in coolers, extra cups will typically be sent by mail order. Some customers will survive without any cups at all, instead choosing to use and wash up glasses.

Other extras include bottle racks and covers (for bottles coolers), cleaning kits, and hot chocolate and coffee (if you have a hot and cold cooler). A full list of Eden extras can be found here.

This completes the Water Cooler Buying Guide. If you have any more questions please call us on 0844 800 33 44 where we have cooler experts waiting to take your call.

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