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Company Headquarters Eden Springs UK
Unit B, 3 Livingstone Boulevard,
Hamilton, International Technology Park,
G72 0BP UK
0169 839 2500

Company Registration Eden Springs UK
145 Edge Lane
VAT Registration Number:232160411

Status of Company
Private Limited

Company History

Eden Springs UK has a long history and was officially formed on January 1st 2005, having previously operated as three different companies under the Sparkling Springs Group - Water at Work, Northumbrian Springs and Nature Springs - before being purchased by Groupe Danone in 2003.  The same year a joint venture was created by Groupe Danone with Eden Springs Europe (SA) combining all their Home and Office Delivery (HOD) business in Europe to create a major new player in the European market. This joint venture was formed for an initial period of 5 years.
In January 2005 the company made a concerted move to re-brand its products across the entire range. Prior to this date Eden Springs UK had operated under three different brands Nature Springs in Southern England, Northumbrian Springs In the North, and Water at Work in Scotland. In 2005 all of these were consolidated into the single brand of Eden Springs, and now all of the products are grouped under the same brand.

Company Overview

Eden Springs UK Ltd is the UK market leader in the Water Cooler Industry and forms part of Eden Springs Europe (SA), which has a presence in 19 other European countries.  Forged from a union of companies with over 15 years experience as leaders within the UK water home and office delivery market, Eden Springs UK utilizes a wealth of knowledge to ensure that our customers enjoy the peace of mind that comes with the Eden Experience.  We are experts in our field and operate with local managers in branches across the UK, supplying cool, refreshing water to offices and homes with the feel of a local distributor, but with the backing of an international company.
Eden Springs can cater and supply the customer for all their hydration solutions offering mains fed water cooler dispensers (known as Point-of-Use  or POU), bottled water cooler dispensers, including bottled water, associated installation, sanitisation, maintenance and servicing and consumables such as small pack, cleaning kits, bottle covers and racks.
We also specialise in the promotion of ‘Well-Being’ for which we won the ‘Best Marketing Initiative’ Award in 2007 for a campaign aimed at educating our customers on the benefits of drinking water.  Damien Higgins, the company’s Marketing Manager explains what Eden provides, and how its services are used by its customers “Eden Springs has recently re-positioned itself as ‘your source of well-being at work’. We strongly believe that healthy employees are a business’s greatest asset and our core message is that drinking water is one of the easiest and cost effective ways of supporting a healthy and productive workforce.”  We provide different aids to identify hydration levels through our ‘Check Your Level’ software and Well-Being kits.

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